From the Gen Z to Millenials and Boomers...

Learn HOW to use TikTok for any business, using GEN-Z methods most marketers never heard of.

Yes, really, it’s not a clickbait title. Most marketers are completely clueless about the things we do on this course. The reason? TikTok marketing works completely different than traditional marketing… it’s so counterintuitive that most old-school marketers resist to apply these methods, but once they do, they can’t believe the results. 


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Ultimate pack


practical video lessons with assignments

The complete guide on how to use TikTok for Business, as a series of video lessons in 6 modules, with practical tasks you get to do after each module. You will learn to apply TikTok storytelling patterns, how to come up with the right ideas fast, usage of hooks, trends, planning and moodboards, using apps, recording and editing, and everything else you need to reach millions of people from your target audience. These methods work for both organic and paid traffic – the creative alone is the most important.

● COMMUNITY: Access to the private group with support and feedback / FREE ACCESS ($216/YEAR VALUE)

receive feedbeck from the mentors and learn from other businesses

You will instantly get access to our private community of people just like you, and get live support from Minnie and other mentors. Post your videos and receive immediate feedback on what you should improve. See what other businesses are doing and learn from their mistakes. The members are growing together. This community is really a teleport to success.

● SOURCE OF IDEAS: Access to the TrendWatch newsletter / FREE ACCESS ($144/year value)

get ideas for videos with recipes on how to make them

Trendwatch is our members-only newsletter. Whenever a new trend appears on TikTok, you will receive an email with explanation of the trend, examples of how to use it for your business, and a complete tutorial on how to recreate the trend using just a mobile phone and built-in features of the TikTok app. Without this newsletter, you would have to spend at least half an hour a day on the app to discover and understand these trends on your own.

● weekly Zoom live support: all-access to zoom q&A live every week  ($1000/year value)

YOU ALSO RECEIVE THESE Bonus materials that will make your life easier

Tiktok hooks 101

Hooks are opening storytelling templates that act as a “thumb stopper” and are crucial for success on TikTok. In this ultimate package, you will receive a collection of the most effective hooks that are proven to work. Use emotional situations from your business and connect them with these hooks, and you’ll have an endless source of ideas for catchy videos.

Tiktok comment baits

A lively comment section is a huge signal for the algorithm to keep pushing your videos to more people. I’m giving you a set of 40 comment patterns that are specific to TikTok. 

complete guide to emojis

Gen Z has a very strict set of rules when it comes to emojis. Specific emojis are considered cool when used in certain situations, and this guide is like “the missing book of rules” when it comes to emojis.

RESULTS – wHAT our students with different businesses DID:

I believe in the quality of this program and that's why I'm giving you


Every business who started applying these methods has experienced an impressive increase of views, sales, leads and new clients from TikTok. That’s why I’m very confident to give you a full money back guarantee in the first 30 days. If for any reason you give up on TikTok, send me a message and you’ll get a full refund.

Let me tell you why i think that

TikTok is the most important business skill you can learn in 2023

Here’s why: TikTok has established a specific style of realistic short video storytelling which now became the most effective way to present any idea on any social media.

In other words – in this course you will learn to make short video creatives that will convert the most customers not just on TikTok, but on all other networks – Instagram Reels, Facebook, even LinkedIn. They work equally good as organic traffic and paid ads.

If you’ve been listening to recent podcasts about marketing, you’ve heard that every expert is saying the same: a creative is the most important piece of any campaign, and the best converting creatives in 2022 are TikTok style videos. All A/B tests confirmed that.

Every A/B test has confirmed that TikTok style of videos convert the most customers.

Not just on TikTok, but on Instagram, Facebook, anywhere. They perform the best, both as ads and organic posts.

But most businesESS still don’t know how to make them. It’s a Gen-Z thing.

TikTok is the leader of the new, “post-instagram” marketing, where customers react to realistic, not perfect 

I know this because I am a Gen-Z myself – and a digital marketer/entrepreneur. Here’s my story.

My name is Minnie and I started my first business when I was 16. I sold that business a year later and used the money to start my own digital marketing agency.

When TikTok came out, I instantly knew it was going to be the next big thing for businesses. I’ve decided to focus completely on it.

But then I realized that most businesses don’t understand TikTok.

The most common scenario is this: They would try to post some “advertisement style” of videos, it gets a few hundred views and zero engagement, and they’re like “Yeah, we tried TikTok but it doesn’t work for us”

Here’s what happened: For the past 10 years, Instagram culture dominated the world. Everything had to be perfect, edited, fake – people, products, everything. 

TikTok is the complete opposite. Everything looks real, with all kinds of flaws and imperfections, and this is what people want to see. They trust and they buy because it’s real. And it’s not just kids, 52% of all people on TikTok are more than 30 years old!

That’s why I teach you to shoot just with a mobile phone, no fancy equipment, no expensive lights. Those videos convert way better than those made with professonal gear. But it’s not just about the looks: realistic, unpolished and creative storytelling is the essence of TikTok.

People from the traditional marketing sometimes resist to accept this, but once they start applying my methods, their TikTok suddenly wakes up from the dead and starts receiving hundreds of thousands of views.

So, to sum this up – I have compiled everything you should know to master TikTok and shortform video content, and also how to incoporate all that into effective sales funnels.

Here’s what you will learn:

(and a sneak peak of the atmosphere inside)



You will understand the logic of the batch testing algorithm of TikTok,  the main engine that decides if a video becomes viral or not. This will help you to understand why we do many of the things on this course – hooks, loops, rewatch baits, trends and storytelling patterns.



Getting views and engagement is great, but how do you actually make sales with TikTok? I will show you how to set up the bio sales funnel. A propperly written bio with right hooks can drive you 100x more sales than the profile with same number of views but no sales funnel in bio.

get spotted


Many views on TikTok will come from search or from people checking out your profile. So I’ll show you how to make catchy thumbnails that play a deciding role. The perfect hook in the thumbnail copy and interesting visual can make a key difference between 1000 and 100.000 views. 



Did you know that 40% of Gen-Z use TikTok, not Google to search? It’s beacuse TikTok videos explain everything much faster, and even Google now integrated TikTok videos into search results. I will show you how to maximize chances of your video being shown in the search results.

get focused


“What is your profile authority at?” This is a question that TikTok algorithm tries to answer, and when it does, it starts showing your videos to exact people you want. Suddenly you become “the best profile on TikTok for…” This is done by niching down your profile properly, and I’ll explain the right strategy.



Are you wondering how some profiles always come up with all those cool ideas? It’s actually simple if you use the system of moodboards. Before any shooting, you perform a research and collect the best videos, not only from your niche but from every one. Here you’ll get the exact methodology.



Analyzing structures of viral videos is one of the most efficient strategies to produce content. It’s the method used in Hollywood. I will extract story structures from various popular videos, write new scripts for various businesses and record videos – you’ll be watching me over the shoulder doing that.

GET interactive


You’ve seen these dialogue style videos all over TikTok. One of the most famous ones is the lawyer Erika Kullberg. These videos usually perform the best because they are highly relatable. In this course I will write scripts and record several dialogues for various example businesses.

GET heard


By now you’ve probably heard that adding trendy music to your videos increase views. But it’s not that simple. More often than not, music is a part of a trend, so I’ll show you how to deconstruct the trend first. I’ll also reveal technical things neccesary to make a perfectly sychronized video. 



A business profile should jump on trends, because it makes you look fresh.  So I am giving you a full tutorial on how to spot trends early and replicate them.




No professional editing software or fancy equipment is allowed. If you want to look native, you have to use the TikTok app for shooting and editing. This may look confusing to people from traditional marketing, but you’ll quickly learn why it has to be like that and what kind of aesthetics will work out well on TikTok.

get equipped


While many things can be done in the TikTok app itself, sometimes we have to use external video editing apps to achieve some results. But don’t worry – these apps are free and easy to learn. I will show you all use cases for some advanced editing techniques, when and how to use it.



Did you spot those TikTok videos that seem to have no ending and no beginning? These usually have a much higher view count as the audience is not aware that the loop has happened. I will show you a system of how these looped videos are made



Days of cheesy software transitions are long gone. TikTokers established a new way of thinking where all transitions are made with your camera and your creativity. I will teach you how to make smooth transitions you’ll friends will be proud of – using only hand gestures and camera movements.

GET efficient


No professional equipment is neccesary, but there are some tools used by TikTokers that can help you to record faster, and to find your way around in different circumstances. These are small, inexpensive gadgets that can save you  tons of time – which means less worries about technical stuff and more space for story and creativity.

Get consistent

Batch Content creation

The secret to being consistent is to create dozens of videos at once, and then gradually post them during the week. This is the proven method used by many successful brands. So you will see firsthand what a day of shooting looks like. You will watch me writing scripts, shooting, and editing a whole batch of videos for the entire week.



Comment section is the most underrated marketing technique available on TikTok. It can drive a crazy amount of engagement to your videos, just by knowing a few simple hacks. Every time you get a new comment – you get shown in another person’s FYP. There are many psychological tricks used to make people comment and I’ll reveal you all of them.

Get creators


You don’t have to do everything by yourself. There is a community of user-generated content creators who perfectly understand the assignment – and make catchy TikToks for you. I’ll show you where to find them, how to choose them and how to collaborate with them. If you decide to make user-generated content by yourself, you will have plenty of inspirational videos inside this lesson.

Full support on your business' journey to tiktok greatness

Online course is just the start.
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support from me and other mentors


When you enroll in this program, you will become a member of the private community of people who are on the same mission as you – to master TikTok for business. Once you start applying the things you learn in this course, you will have many questions and this is the place where you’ll get answers.

Getting feedback from other like-minded people is of tremendous help and it will save you a lot of time. Many people say that the community is the best value of the program.

never run out of ideas


If you want to jump on TikTok trends with your business, it’s a great strategy, and I described how to do it in the course. However, to discover those trends you would have to spend a lot of time on the network, which is time-consuming. 

That is why I have created TikTok Trendwatch Newsletter. The idea is very simple: You receive alerts as soon as some trend starts, together with explanation and instructions on how to use it.

Once you enroll in the course, you’ll get free access to this newsletter, which is priced at $140/year as a standalone service.

this bundle is packed with add-ons


TikTok culture is now everywhere


Shortform videos in the TikTok style are now most popular videos on all platforms – Instagram Reels, YouTube Shorts, Facebook… the fastest way to increase Instagram followers right now is by posting TikTok style videos on Reels.

Video storytelling in the “UGC” style is now the most popular style of marketing communication on all platforms – and this will stay like this for the next decade.

With this program, you will master the skill of creating shortform videos for your business, and these videos will perform the best, both as organic or paid ads – on all networks.

Frequently asked questions

i get asked these all the time, so here are the answers

Can Tiktok really be used for business?

If you asked this question, chances are you never heard of people selling out entire stocks overnight – with the help of a TikTok video. Yes, it’s widely used for businesses of all kinds. Some businesses use TikTok to gain awareness of their brand through organic posts. Others jump straight to conversion.

What can I expect from TikTok?

You can expect as much as you put into it. If you are devoted to consistently work on creating content, you will most definitely get results.

I have already tried TikTok for my business but it doesn’t work for me.

Yes I know. It’s what happens when you try to use TikTok without prior education. It’s very different that what you’re used to do on Instagram, Facebook or other platforms. After this course, I guarantee you will have much better results.

What kind of equipment is needed for TikTok?

Everything you need is (I’m guessing) in your hands right now. The only important equipment is your phone. I mean, there are other gadgets that can improve recording videos in specific kinds of situations  – and I’m explaining the details in the course, but don’t overthink about having any equipment because you already got everything you need.

I have camera anxiety and don’t want to talk or dance in front of mass audences. Can I have results without showing myself?

Showing yourself is necessary if you are a coach, or have any kind of business that relies on your personal brand. But for all other cases, you don’t necessarily have to show your face. I will show you different video structures you can use to make appealing and converting pieces of content that works on the platform.

Is there a tutorial for TikTok ads on this course?

This course will help you understand how to use TikTok’s organic marketing and learn all the fundamental principles before stepping into advertising. But of course, we thought of everything. TikTok advertising program will be unlocked on Black Friday, the 25th of November.

Do I need to have experience using TikTok before I enroll to this course?

You don’t have to have any experience in order to learn from this course. No profile or pre-knowledge is needed. In fact, if you do have experience, I want you to forget everything you know and start learning from 0 with me.

Can I use this knowledge to make Instagram Reels?

Absolutely! Reels algorithm is the same as TikTok’s, and currently, it is by far the easiest way to gain followers on Instagram!

enough talk, let's tik tok


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Frequently asked questions

AnD just to remind you that i give you a full


Every business who started applying these methods has experienced an impressive increase of views, sales, leads and new clients from TikTok. That’s why I’m very confident to give you a full money back guarantee in the first 30 days. If for any reason you give up on TikTok, send me a message and you’ll get a full refund.