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TikTok Business Academy is the world’s best course dedicated to business application of TikTok. We have a Net Promoter Score of 78 (Apple is at 72), which is a metric of how people are satisfied with the course. Our refund rate is currently at 0,1%. 

When people sign up for the course via your link, they get access to TikTok Business Academy online course (6+ hours) and the Discord group where people get feedback and answers from Minnie, other mentors, and other members.

If you have a community, social media channel, authority website, or any other way to influence a large number of people this is a great way to earn – join TikTok Business Academy affiliate program.


Basic stats for affiliates

Each time you refer a person to the course you receive $70 per purchase.  The cookie time window is 30 days.

We use Thinkific to host the course, and it has an integrated affiliate system, which works very well. Thinkific is the best platform for online courses in the world, they have 500+ employees and they are a public company listed on the Canadian stock market. 

Their tracking system is completely transparent to all sides, you can log in at any time and see your earnings. 

We pay out your earnings at the beginning of each month, for the previous month. 

Is this course for small or large businesses?

Both!  The course is fully applicable for small, medium and large businesses.

Most of the other TikTok courses are focused on how to use TikTok to become a “TikToker”, a popular person, influencer, but the focus of this program is business use and case studies. 

Not to mention the Facebook and Discord groups who are the very heart and soul of this program, where businesses of all sizes get feedback and guidance. The overall sentiment of the group is highly positive.

“How do I start as your affiliate”?

Send us an email at hello@minniementor.com and explain how you plan to promote the course. Do you have a social media channel, or a SEO based website, or a community? Send us links with some stats, and we will create an affiliate account for you, and also provide you with tools such as videos, landing pages, ads and everything you need.

Or, feel free to create your own content. 

Contact us and see you on the other side!