Learn how to use TikTok for any business, generate millions of views and sales by using these secret methods most marketers never heard of.

“This course is unlike anything you’ve seen before.  I’ve tried TikTok in the past with zero success… now it’s the main source of revenues for my ecommerce business. ”

Alex, ecomm hustler

written by Minnie Rich, TikTok coach for entrepreneurs

Hello there. Let me guess something.

You’ve probably heard that “TikTok is the next big thing for your business” and that you should be on it.

And chances are you’ve probably tried creating some content, you created a few videos using “tips from the gurus” like using trendy music or copying other people’s videos… only to find out  these videos failed miserably.

And now you’re back to Facebook, Instagram or Google marketing, because “TikTok is not working for me”… does this all sound familiar to you?

I know it does, because that’s the usual story of most of my clients that I’ve been coaching in TikTok for business for the past two years.

And guess what – most of them suddenly started getting tons of traffic and sales, just because they started applying my methodology.  For some of them, TikTok became the main source of revenue for the entire business (which sometimes goes by six figures a month or more).

So, you may ask, how is that possible?

The thing is, traditional marketers simply don’t understand the logic behind TikTok.

I know because I was one of them.

Back in the pre-covid days, I ran a classic digital marketing business, that related heavily on sales funnels, calls to action, and all other stuff you’re all familar with.

So when TikTok became a thing, I immediately deciced to try to apply the same logic. I created a profile for a client who’s a financial advisor,  thinking that just by jumping on trends and slapping trendy music on the videos it will explode. At least, that’s what everybody was saying you should do. But nothing happened.

This gave me motivation to really understand the network, as that was the first time in my marketing career that my skills and knowledge didn’t produce any result.

For the next two years, I’ve spent at least three hours a day on the network analyzing every viral video and why it did well.

I was like, “ok, I am going to start spectating this network like I have zero knowledge of marketing. I need to unlearn everything that I’ve ever learned, and just start connecting dots and patterns.” Because these kids that have millions of followers are doing exactly the same – they start using the network without this burden of business and marketing. 

That’s how I discovered the language of TikTok and its culture, the specific style of storytelling and communicating.

Suddenly it became completely clear what I was doing wrong… and what all these other businesses were doing wrong.

It’s very simple. If you’re not speaking the language of TikTok, you fail. You have to learn that language to succed. 

This is the biggest secret of TikTok success, and I am proud to say that in my course I am explaining this to the very last detail. And it’s not just some theory – inside the course you will see how I create various videos for various niches using these recipes – from developing a story, to shooting, editing, writing copy and more.

I’m telling you this because I watched every TikTok course you can find online, and they mostly talked about technical things like, “your videos should be 10 secs long because of the algorithm”, “use trending sounds”, “post at 7PM”… but when it comes to the actual content (which is by far the most important thing) they gave general advice like “be creative”, “tell a story” and  so on.

So when I discovered the “Tik Tok language” I started applying it for various businesses, and it worked every single time for every single niche.

When you start making videos using the method I developed, your profile will grow overnight.


Here’s what you’re going to learn:

  • The unique method for creating content on TikTok that makes people watch and rewatch, not skip after a few seconds
  • Where to get tons of ideas for your videos fast, without spending hours thinking about it
  • How to create watch bait that is a thumb stopper every time
  • How to add rewatch hooks to increase rewatch times 
  • How to convert new visitors from viral videos to followers and buyers (the #1 thing people are missing)
  • How to use trends to produce relevant content that gets sales, not jumping on trends just for the sake of it
  • Everything about music and how to use it in the right way
  • Copywriting for TikTok videos that make people want to stay, follow, buy
  • Storytelling patterns that are proven to work on TikTok and that you can copy for any niche
  • Watch me in action collecting inspiration, writing scripts, recording, editing, adding effects, transitions, for all kinds of niches
  • Using TikTok Ads with Business manager and all its possibilities in live action
  • Creating a TikTok for USA market (or any other region) by using SIM card and VPN combo
  • Many more strategies that you learn on the fly just by watching me think and produce content

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